Microwave, the real future of EmComm

The recent FCC filings regarding use of HF spectrum for long haul digital messages may be less relevant in view of the following recent developments in use of cutting edge technology in the Microwave spectrum. Some filings on RM-11708, FM-11759, and RM-11785 have focused primarily in use of HF rather than Microwave or existing VHF/UHF resources. The HF spectrum does not have sufficient band width to support the volume of data for this use. Quickly deployable microwave repeaters dedicated to emergency reponders are showing their effectiveness in the hands of trained government officials. Even ARRL notes this in their bulletin below.

South African Hams use microwave mesh network to provide first responders internet and voice connectivity:

"John Terblanche, ZS1I, in Mossel Bay, who administers the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) Mossel Bay Mesh Network, said the call for volunteers went out on June 8, after cellphone, Internet and landline telephone service was disrupted in many areas. A half-dozen volunteers reported, an emergency net was activated, and message traffic was handled via the AREDN as well as on HF, VHF, and UHF."

Quickly deployable microwave links for voice and internet for emergency responders as a national initiative:

This may reduce the recent pressure on the HF spectrum asserted in the recent ARRL and Whedbee FCC filings noted above. These filings are on circulation, and one proposed rule making WT 16-239. They have been waiting some time for final action. These recent news developments may give a hint of the FCC's thinking on the matter.

ARRL speaks out on new digital emcomm needs:

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